Highrise One, München

Highrise One, München




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Enjoy the Building, Enjoy the Space

Directly behind Ostbahnhof in Rosenheimer Straße 141 e-h Highrise One is under construction – an office tower, consisting of a five-floor plinth building and a “stretched” tower of 17 levels. With its height of 65 m and a façade characterised by openness and transparency “HIGHRISE one” will add a new facet the Munich skyline.

The building complex, erected on a 3,700 m² site, will, upon its completion in 2017, offer approximately 18,935 m² rental space and a three-level underground carpark with 195 individual parking spaces. The building design using sustainability criteria is aimed at achieving a DGNB silver certification.

The office tower is showing a particular structural lightness, emphasised by the open and transparent façade by Dobler Metallbau.


The building envelope consists of:

  • 7,100 m² unitised façade
  • 1.000 m² exterior insulation and finish system
  • 1.000 m² punch window metal façade
  • 750 m² mullion-transom façade (steel / aluminium)
  • In addition, mullion-transom façades, door systems and sheet metal façades were installed.

The majority of the external building envelope is executed as unitised façade. Whereby the plinth building and the office tower differ in design and optics. The 5th and 10th floors are special levels, which feature “over height” and even more transparency.

The plinth building is in parts equipped with punch windows (exterior insulation and finish system and metal façade) with external sun shading. The two foyer areas area characterised by a double-floor height steel mullion-transom façade.