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Andreasturm Zürich

Andreasturm, Zürich

Auftraggeber / Kunde:

Implenia Schweiz AG
Buildings – Ausführung Prime




Gigon /Guyer Architekten, Zürich


Reba Fassadentechnik AG



In step with the times…
Promising aspects – external as well as internal. Behind the impressive façade of Andreasturm, high-quality office, retail and service areas are being created inside the building that was completed in 2018. The 80 metre high Andreasturm with its 22 floors is directly connected to the Oerlikon train station through the eastern pedestrian tunnel, allowing tenants, pedestrians and customers comfortable access. An attractive urban development link between the train station and the Leutschenbach area has been created to provide more space for inspiration.

The Andreasturm construction complies with the sustainability requirements according to the “DGNB Platinum” label adapted by the Swiss Sustainable Building Council (Schweitzer Gesellschaft für Nachhaltige Immobilienwirtschaft – SGNI).

The Andreasturm with its double skin façade is similar in appearance to the Prime Tower – also realized by Dobler Metallbau and Gigon & Guyer Architects – and is set to become another Zurich landmark.

Beginning of construction in April 2016; completion by 2018

Extend of Work

22 floor office tower
Approx. 10,000 m² double façade as unitized façade with integrated side-hung windows and sun-blinds
Approx. 1,050 m² special façade basement / ground floor / first floor incl. suspended sheet metal/glass/glass bottom view cladding with integrated rotating doors, sliding doors, revolving doors, folding door system and mailbox systems.