Elm Park, Dublin

Elm Park, Dublin

Client/Main Contractor:

Radora Development, Dublin


Bucholz McEvoy Architects, Dublin

Facade Handover:



McNamara Company

“a suburban beauty…”

…built on the outskirts of Dublin and designed by Buchholz McEvoy, one of the most innovative architects in Ireland and Europe, particulary in terms of sustainable and ecological developments. In a material combination of glass, aluminium and wood, 3 officesblocks, a hotel complex as well as a Leisure Centre were erected. The facade area of approximately 20,000 m² was completed by a specific time frame and constructed step by step along with the completion of the shell of the building. Dobler was able to satisfy, not only the Client and the Architect, but also the Joint-Venture-Partner, who erected the glass walls infront of the facades.



18,250 m² unitised facades out of aluminium, glass and timber and 1,800 m² stick-system facades as well as door and window systems on the ground floor of the hotel or the Leisure Centre area.

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