Holy Mosque Mecca, Saudi Arabia

Extension of the Holy Mosque in Mecca, Saudi Arabia


Saudi Binladin Group


DAR Al-Handasah, Beirut/Kairo

Facade Handover:



RIVA GmbH Engineering

Facade Consultant:

DAR Al-Handasah, Beirut/Kairo

Curtain Wall Consultant:

RIVA GmbH Engineering

Highest Quality for a Sanctum

The Al-Haram-Mosque in Mecca, also called Holy Mosque, which is embedding the Kaaba* the central sanctum of the Islam will be extended step by step to master the constantly growing mass of pilgrims. The Al-Haram-Mosque is the most important mosque of the Islam and also the largest mosque all over the world**. The Holy Mosque is for the Islam of a great importance. Therefore it’s not a surprise, that the dynasty of Saudi Arabia is focusing a high quality for the Extension of the Holy Mosque.

Scope of Work:

Fabrication and delivery of about 1 720 Windows which are consisting of
– about 590 Dobler Sliding Door
– about 633 Side hung windows
– about 387 Bottom hung windows
– about 110 Fixed glass

*) The Kaaba in Mecca is in accordance to the descent of the Moslem the oldest temple on earth. In its east corner a black meteorite is located. The remaining area is empty – except three columns which are supporting the roof and a few lamps which are hanging from the ceiling.

**) Together with the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina and the Al-Aqsa-Moschee in Jerusalem the Holy Mosque in Mecca is creating the three most sanctum spots of the Islam.