Kröpcke Center, Hannover

Kröpcke Center, Hannover


Mars Propco 3 S. à r.l., Luxemburg


Kleihues und Kleihues

Facade Handover:



Centrum Asset Management GmbH

Higher, bigger, further… 

The concrete structure of the former Kröpcke Center was deemed by many to be no longer a piece of modern architecture. Therefore, for approximately 200 million Euros a new Kröpcke Center with around 18.000m² of retail space is being erected, creating Hannover’s biggest city-building site. Dobler is also involved on the renovation and extension measures taking place in the heart of the city by providing aluminium and steel facades as well as casement and coupled windows.

The challenge at the Kröpcke Center in Hannover lies primarily with the tight schedule for the execution of the project, in particular the first construction phase. The system development, approval and manufacturing of the aluminium profiles are being carried out under enormous time pressure as is the technical project implementation, the manufacturing and installation of the façade components.


First phase of the project:
Approx. 3.400 m² stick-system facades
Approx: 3.500 m² ribbon glazing
Approx: 200 m² canopies

High variation on construction systems and panels.