London School of Economics, London

London School of Economics, London


Mace Ltd., London


Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners, London (RSHP)


Wintech Ltd., London



A Place Students will enjoy…

The project is designed to be a central building of the LSE school campus and consists of two construction segments as well as connecting atrium.  Dobler is providing the entire exterior skin including the atrium roof.

The façade designed by Rogers, Stirk, Habour and Partner (RSHP) captivates by its colour scheme and the external, vertically arranged sun shade louvres. As usual RSHP have also positioned the structural components of this building outside the building and in front of the façade. Another challenge for the façade is the climate concept, using no air-conditioning technology. Aspects, which Dobler Metallbau façade engineers are delighted to take on. The project is slated to be completed by 2019.


7.200 m² unitised façade, 600 m² mullion-transom façade, 220 m² atrium façade as well as 2.700 m² ventilated façades, static sun shades, Revolving drum doors, railings, attics, under views, etc.