dobler metallbau gmbh


Aluminium windows and faҫades for generations …

As a result of the restructuring of the renowned façade manufacturer Götz GmbH in Deggendorf which was established in the early fifties of last century, Mr Konrad Dobler and Mr Günter Rümmelein founded the Dobler Metallbau GmbH in Munich in 1982. Based on 30% of shares of the workshops in Deggendorf they had access to the proven window systems and various manufacturing capacities.

Since then the product range covers façade renovation to heating cost minimisation to the production international high-tech façades that meet every architectural and energy requirement. .

In 2000 Dobler took over all the production facilities in Deggendorf. In addition production facilities were acquired in Nyrsko in the Czech Republic, and Dobler Metallbau s.r.o. was founded.

Technical offices in Hersbruck and Wertingen as well as companies in Zurich (Switzerland) and London (United Kingdom) round off the Dobler Group.

The Dobler Group stands for reliable partnership with over 50 years of experience in the façade industry, which is recognised in the European market and based on experienced, skilled and well educated staff who are partially the third generation to work at our production facilities.