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That’s what you can expect from Dobler…

For various opening usage, dimensions and segmentation with the Dobler own characteristics as a complete system with sophisticated aesthetics.

Dobler realises customised curtain wall systems as unitised facades as well as stick-systems made of aluminium or steel. Non-ventilated facades are designed as single, double, fire rated, climate or photovoltaic facades, electrically heated facades or ventilated facades using cladding or infills made of aluminium, glass, steel, ceramics, brick or natural stone components. Structural sealant glazed (SSG) facades with or without mechanical securing as well as a large number of vent variants are regularly designed, fabricated and installed.

Apart from its own systems Dobler also uses systems off the shelf of recognised d suppliers if they meet our clients’ requirements.

Unitised facades
Dobler curtain wall products are preferably pre-fabricated unitised systems that are developed in accordance to project specifications and bespoke design requirements.

Engineering & Design
Please refer to the separate section Engineering & Design.

Project Management
Our project managers, engineers and specialists schedule work from the early stages of a project to acceptance of construction work by our client. Hence, we follow a quality plan which ensures efficient work flows within our organisation.