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Engineering & Design

Agreeing on targets together – achieving targets together…

TechnikFor decades the continuous improvement and development of our in-house systems has resulted in an extraordinary standard of knowledge and skills of our engineers and technicians. The fitting solutions developed by our R&D team in Deggendorf result in unique features which are our pride and joy. Exceptional vent weights and sizes have always been standard and not just introduced recently to meet current architectural requirements. Several patents prove the innovative capacity of Dobler Metallbau.

Based on this core knowledge, our project teams develop and propose project solutions fairly quickly in the following stages of design work:

– Stage 1 – System Definition and Development
Basic sections including random checks and/or assessments of U value, acoustic, structural issues, etc.
– Stage 2 – Building Design
Elevation, section and detail drawings for approval as well as structural, acoustic and physical reports
– Stage 3 – Workshop Drawings
All kinds of information needed at the workbench and building site, e.g. component drawings, parts lists and work preparation